Tradition × Quality



  • およそ100年もの間、皆様にご愛顧いただいて来たと言う事は、時代の変化に柔軟に対応できて来たからかも知れません。
  • 歴史に裏打ちされた技術

MIKI JAPAN certification log

Only certified companies are allowed to use the certification logo for their products.

  • MIKI JAPAN has a history of about 400 years. Its blades are made of mixture of smiths’ traditional handmade techniques, advanced equipment and high-quality material. The logo shows its trust, reliability and pride. Products have to be approved to use a mark of certification in certified companies before receiving the logo by MIKI JAPAN.
  • 三木金物認定企業マーク見本

Quality × Technology

Our new challenge / future agenda

  • Since we are such a small company we can provide a fine response reflecting various users' intentions. We are able to put letters not only on our products but also on MIKI TOOLS’ by using the new laser marking apparatus.
    For being able to do troublesome task such as putting names on knives and scissors is one of the strengths of Kansai Saw.

    Mainly we have made blades for mowing but in the future we are going to increase the number of product category.
    Please do look forward to our new products for handcraft, steel, pipe material that meet the demands of the present age.
  • 技術があるからできること

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