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  • Yamakichi catalog
    YAKICHI Brand Saws with more than 50 years of history were reborn as elastomer handle model.
    Real cutting power with newest equipment. Reasonable price.
    Light weight design provides enabling a user to enjoy working for a long time without being tired. Good for a gardening work or professional use.
    For pruning, bamboo material, PVC pipe, handcraft, carpentry、steel, extra fine slim, scrapping and etc. Expanding a product lineup.
    Product type
    Ideal for cutting Green wood, Pruning ,Trimming gardening, Fruit tree/Ideal for cutting Bamboo, gardening, fruit tree, PVC/PE pipes/Ideal for cutting Carpentry, Gardening, Fruit tree, Trimming, Green wood


  • Kusabue catalog
    KUSABUE brand is accessories for mowing. The working apron is light weight and cooling design. Waterproof with zippers. It protects you from dirt and stain during mowing. We are increasing the number of items such as string trimmer lines made in Germany. Please contact us for the new collection.
    Product types
    String trimmers/Water proof pants style working apron


  • Syuriken catalog
    mowing blade By using technology for manufacturing mowing blades, we make authentic Shurikens and Kunais (for decorative purposes). They are forged, quenched, polishing by craftsmen.
    They are placed one by one in empress tree boxes. They are fairly popular with tourists from foreign nations.

    Stick Syurikens of various schools, Kunai shaped paper knives, accessory straps, green markers, cuffs, tiepins.We have more lineups for father’s day gifts. For details, please consult us.
    Product types
    Syuriken/Shuriken type accessories

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